Friday 12th July – Sunday 14th July 2024

Take on this beautiful trail race within the grounds of Newnham Park with 12, 24 and 36 hour options to showcase solo, pair and team endurance (up to 8 in a team). Childrens race also available to welcome all the family to Hope Trail Festival.

A stunning 5 mile course over 12, 24 or 36 hours and with an unrivalled community event. How far can you go?

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The Hope Trail Festival Schedule

“We’re here to Run and have Fun! Live it, Love it, Run it!”

This friendly running festival comprises of THREE timed endurance races: 12 hour, 24 hour or 36 hour as a Solo, Pair or as a Team!

A fantastic community event with free camping at Newnham Park ensuring you’ll be part of a fantastic atmosphere throughout your journey, it’s a race you’ll always remember! 

We provide all of our professional Event Photography by AG Images free of charge.  Parking is free and off road. Camping is part of the price and includes family and supporters.  This well marked 5 mile trail course set on this stunning estate has a fantastic array of running suppliers, masseurs and caterers at the Hope Race Village.  How many laps will you achieve within the time?

We want you to have the most amazing time over the weekend! We have one golden rule, ‘Live it, Love it, Run it’, this is our ethos and we run the event with a smile and support everyone.

All the information you need to participate in this event is below.


Newnham Park, Newnham Park Shooting, Plymouth PL7 5BN

Friday 12th July 20241600Site Opens
 1700Registration Opens
 2100Hope36 Starts
Saturday 13th July 20240700Wake Up Call
 0800Registration Opens
 0900Hope12 Starts
 1000Hope Trail Kids Start
 1200Hope24 Starts
 2100Hope12 Finishes & Medals
Sunday 14th July 20240700Wake Up Call
 0900Hope36 Finishes & Medals
 1200Hope24 Finishes & Medals

This 12 hour endurance event is for soloists, pairs or a team.  The 12 hour race provides an ideal introduction into the world of trail ultra-running in a supportive environment.

Only one runner as part of the pair/team can be on the course at any one time passing the baton to the next participant.

This 24 hour endurance event is for soloists, pairs or a team of 3 to 8.  This event is where it all started for the festival and provides a fantastic environment to enjoy the world of trail and ultra-running.

Only one runner as part of the pair/team can be on the course at any one time passing the baton to the next participant.

The 36 hour endurance event is for soloists, pairs or teams of 3-8.  This event is designed to test the mental and physical mental strength of experienced runners and builds on the popular 24 hr event in a positive and great environment.

Only one runner as part of the pair/team can be on the course at any one time passing the baton to the next participant.

Solo runner – Take on the event as a Solo runner and continue pushing through each 5 mile lap or take a break via the transition zone.  There’s a dedicated camping area for Solo runners to ensure that your camp is near to the transition zone.  The ideal event to target and exceed a set distance during the 12, 24 or 36 hour time.

Pairs – Divide the miles and approach the event as a pair.  With different award categories available, including All Male, All Female and Mixed Pair. Only one runner can be on the course at any one time, effectively passing the baton whenever you decide.

Teams – Take on the 12, 24 or 36 hour as a team of 3 runners – 8 runners.  You decide.  Trophy categories include: All Male Team, All Female Team and Mixed Team.

For Pairs and Teams – all team members can be on the course for their final lap at the end of the event for a joint victory lap (please note only counts as one lap).

Course Records

SOLO 12 Hour
Mens PB – Joe Beaton (GBR) 15 Laps: 11 Hours, 52 Minutes, 06 Seconds (2023)

Ladies PB – Sandra Helk (EST) 14 Laps: 12 Hours, 51 Minutes, 18 Seconds (2023)

SOLO 24 Hour
Mens PB – Matthew Biscoe (GBR) 27 Laps: 25 Hours, 00 Minutes (2015)

Ladies PB – Emma Lane (GBR) 21 Laps: 23 Hours 00 Minutes (2019)

SOLO 36 Hour
Mens PB – Mark Stockman (GBR) 25 Laps: 35 Hours 00 Minutes 11 Seconds (2023)

Ladies PB – Anna Stevenson (GBR) 22 Laps: 35 Hours 05 Minutes, 44 Seconds (2023)

All runners completing at least 1 lap will receive a bespoke Hope Trail Festival medal.

Awards Solo runner – Top 3 Male, Non-Binary and Female runners will receive a bespoke Hope Trophy.

Awards Pairs – Top 3 Male, Female and Mixed pairs will receive a bespoke Hope Trophy.

Awards Teams – Top 3 Male, Female and Mixed teams will receive a bespoke Hope Trophy.

Reaching the highest number of laps within the event – The aim is to complete as many laps as possible within the event timescale of 12, 24 or 36 hour.  However, a participant (solo, pair or team runner) can start their final lap anytime prior to the dedicated finish time of 12, 24 or 36 hour and complete the lap that they have started. 

Once they have completed this lap it will count towards their final total of laps within their final time .

An example of a leaderboard:

1st Position – Runner A – 20 Laps – 24:32 (hh:mm)

2nd Position – Runner B – 19 Laps – 23:12 (hh:mm)

3rd Position – Runner C – 19 Laps – 25:41 (hh:mm)

Hope Trail Kids – A distance for all ages and abilities up to and including the age of 16 commencing at 10am on Saturday. 

Hope Trail Kids Race provides younger  participants the opportunity to be part of the Hope Trail Festival running part of the main course and allowing the younger generation to experience trail running in a safe environment.  Parents are welcome to run with their children and GB Ultras cannot take any responsibility for supervision along the course.

Hope Kids Race is timed and all runners will receive an event medal upon completion.

Course distance – Approximately 1.7 miles.

When can we start setting up?

We open our gates to the public at 16:00 on Friday.  Please do not arrive early as we may still be setting up the site and some people may end up setting up in an area designated for something else.

Where can I park?

You may park your car adjacent to your tent if running.  if you are planning on coming and going from the site or only staying for the day (12 hour runners) we ask you to park your cars at the top end of the showfield near to (not blocking) the entrance and exit.

All drivers please adhere to the 5mph speed limit and take care when traversing the campsite and at the course crossing area.

Remember there are children on site so take care and keep vehicle movements to a minimum please.

Where do I camp?

On arrival, they’ll be a dedicated area to camp for Solo runners near to the transition zone.  Please leave space for vehicles to get in, and try to leave space between tents to reduce risk of any accidental fire spread.

Please keep noise to a minimum during the night particularly from 10pm onwards and respect your fellow runners, campers and visitors.

Can we bring a campervan?

Yes, there is space for campervans and the showfield arena area is flat.  It also enables you a quicker take down after the event.

Are there electric hook-ups?

No, we provide generators for the event to our traders, but unfortunately we cannot provide electric hook-ups for campers or vans.

Is there running water?

There are a number of drinking water taps along the edge of the arena adjacent to the gravel path running the full length of the site.

What sanitation do you provide?

We provide toilets and urinals which are regularly checked and cleaned for your comfort.  We ask anyone using them to leave the toilet rolls provided in situ, as we also restock these on a regular basis.  We also provide alcohol gel across the site for use.

We do not provide showers, this is due to the excessive cost and to provide these we would have to charge every runner an additional amount to cover the cost.

Are BBQ’s and Fire Pits allowed on site?

Yes, but we ask that you provide a bucket of water just in case and do not leave them unattended, also raise them off the grass? If the weekend is war, the radiant heat may cause the grass to catch fire, this can spread to tents quite quickly.  Again any disposable BBQ’s and fire pit embers must be cooled before placing in the skip.

Please note in 2023, a number of BBQ’s and fire pits were left on the showfield after the event for the Event team to dispose of, this is unacceptable, these must be taken home and disposed of by yourselves.

Do we need to take our rubbish home?

We provide a skip on site, we ask that you kindly place all rubbish in the skip during the event and when you leave.  After a long weekend we have to return the site to a clean state and with a small team you can assist by ensuring your pitch and area is clean when you leave.  If you use BBQ’s over the weekend, we ask that you place them in the skip after ensuring they are cool to remove any fire risk.  Please do not put rubbish on top of the skip.  Please ensure that rubbish goes inside the skip. 

What about child safety?

We welcome children to the event, but we must remind you that this is a private estate and there are a number of hazards on site.  In recent times we have had to remind parents/guardians of some of these risks, so please ensure your child treats the estate with respect and avoids damaging any of the property.  There is running water adjacent to the arena in a small brook which the course will cross on the two bridges running off the site.  During poor weather this brook can become a hazard due to the volume of water flowing.  During dry spells the brook can be crossed using a number of fords.  It is your responsibility to know where your kids are and that they are safe.

In addition, the owner of the estate lives on the site above the race village.  We ask that children refrain from entering their property through the gate above race village at the top of the bank.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but we ask you to keep them on a lead and clean up after them.  We only allow dogs on the course if they are on a lead and entrants running with a dog can do so but must start at the rear of the respective start line separate from the main bulk of runners at the start line.  There will be a dedicated area for canicross runners to gather to await the start.

This is a private estate, but there is livestock (sheep) and wild animals (deer, rabbits and peacocks) on the estate so ensure your dog is under control at all times.

GB Ultras reserve the right, on grounds of safety, to disqualify a participant or request the removal of a dog from the course and/or removal of the dog from the camping area and the private estate that is wearing a muzzle or that poses a danger to other participants.

What food and drink is available?

We have a number of food outlets covering a range of dietary requirements, be it pizza, pasties, sloppy joes, pasties, jacket potatoes, cake, tea, coffee and much more that are available to buy.

Some of our food outlets will be available throughout the event.  We are also aware that it is very difficult for them to gauge the amount they require to cater for, as some attendees will provide their own food.  Therefore, there maybe times that outlets close to restock, rejuvenate, run or rest! Please be patient with them.  As a backup there are a number of food outlets locally that will deliver to site if needed.

What traders are there?

We have a number of trade stands available selling a range of goods from trail kit, running fashion and nutrition (gels, etc).  Again, some of our traders are also running in the event as soloists or teams, so please be patient with them.

We will also be selling our own Hope Festival and GB Ultras merchandise on site throughout the weekend with most of the items on sale throughout the festival.

Can I pay by card?

Most of our trade and food outlets and ourselves as event organisers will accept payment by card on the day.  If you are bringing cash, please bring some change as getting hold of coins on the weekend is extremely difficult for all traders.

When must we leave by?

We are acutely aware that some of you will have run for up to 36 hours, which means your safety may be at risk by driving immediately after the event.  Therefore, there is no rush to leave the site.  Some of the infrastructure remains on site until Monday and you are able to remain on site overnight on Sunday.  All we ask is that you have vacated the site by 10:00 on Monday morning.  This is also in case any future events need to commence their event build. 

Newnham Park – The venue is situated approximately 5 miles from Plymouth City Centre and offers the ideal location for events with plenty of space, flat areas and a lovely surrounding area for mixed-trail running.  

It occupies a beautiful oak wooded valley at the heart of a 1550 acre country estate, which nestles between the city of Plymouth and the foothills of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

Prior to the race

Due to the nature of the event, costs are incurred as soon as a participant signs up, no refunds are possible in this event.
Any deferrals to the 2025 Race must be done 8 weeks prior to the event at a cost of £12 due to costs incurred.

ADMIN FEE link > https://www.gbultras.com/product/admin-fee-gbultras/

Deferrals are permitted for 1 year only (unless due to pregnancy – please see GB Ultras Pregnancy Deferral Policy below).

Pregnancy Deferral

  1. Women who have entered a GB Ultras event and are, or become, pregnant prior to race day can defer entry for up to two years.
  2. Women who fall pregnant again during the deferral period may request another deferral for up to an additional two years.
  3. Partners are also able to defer for one year if the birth is imminent.
  4. To defer please email events@gbultras.com with the medical certificate/medical confirmation of the pregnancy/birth.
  5. All other rules and requirements for race entry will apply.


Transfer to another runner

Transfers are possible up until 3 weeks before the Race day at a cost of £12.  Participants allowing another person to run under their name and bib no will be in breach of English Athletics code of conduct and will be disqualified.  The organiser must be informed of any change.
If you are looking to transfer the place please do let us know the following details of the replacement runner emailed to events@gbultras.com :
Full name
Date of Birth
Full address and postcode
Email address
Running Club (if any)
UKA membership number (if any)
Next of kin name
Next of kin number

During the race

Please inform a GB Ultras Race Marshal at the transition zone or at Race HQ, we will then award you with your race medal.

If a participant withdraws they must hand over their Race Number to race staff to signal their retirement. Marshals’ will inform Race HQ.

Although ultimately decisions to continue are in the hands of the runner, GB Ultras reserve the right to pull any participant out of the race on health grounds.

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