Are you looking for a new challenge to see you through Lockdown 3.0?

Great, so are we! Here we have the colossal challenge of Europe's highest mountain range - the Alps!!!! Spanning France, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia...

Lace up, it's time to roll.

Start - Saturday 30th January 2021 8am

Runners completing the 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon and Marathon receive a Limited Edition 'Race Across the Alps' medal.

Runners completing the 50 miles or 100 miles qualify for the limited Edition 'Via Alpina' larger medal. First 3 Finishers for the 50 and 100 mile will receive a GB Ultras Lion shield in Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Those taking on the 663 Miles (finishes the end of May) or the 1592 Miles (finishes the end of November) qualify for a bespoke 'Special Edition Via Alpina' medal. First 3 Finishers for the 663 and 1592 mile will receive a GB Ultras Lion shield in Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Take on the GB Ultras Virtual Series!

A set of live online ultra-marathon events that will give you a challenge to aspire to within a set timescale.  There's live online mapping from GB Race Tracker updating your 'virtual' position on the race route with your personalised runner profile.  Technology from Race Tracker takes participants on great trails from all over World!

There are virtual distances of 5km, 10km, Half-Marathon, Marathon, 50 Mile, 100 Mile, 663 Mile,  763 Mile (GHT) and 1592 Miles to choose from along a variety of routes. 

How it works

Choose your race

Once you've decided which race(s) to enter, you'll now be able to create your profile. This will be viewable by anyone watching the progress of the event.

During the race

When the race opens you can start your run! (You don't have to complete the race in one run) When you finish your run that day, simply let us know the distance you ran and we will move your pin that distance on the progress map.

Completing the race

When you have accumulated the distance of the race you entered, you will have completed the challenge. This can be over as many runs/days as you want, as long as it's completed before the designated cutoff point (exactly like our normal events!).  We'll then send out your Bespoke Award as soon as they arrive!


At anytime you can view the leaderboard on the GB Racetracker website to see how everyone is doing. The winner of the race will be the person who accumulated the required distance first...simples!