Virtual Run Series

Are you looking for your next challenge? Something you can do in your own time at your own pace? Great, you’re in the right place! In addition to our Ultra Race Calendar, we ‘run’ virtual events throughout the year. Each event will have multiple distance options that can be completed over 12 months….

Our Virtual Running Events utilise online mapping from GB Racetracker so that you can see your virtual position in the race at any time.

How it works

Choose your race

Once you’ve decided which race(s) to enter, you’ll now be able to create your profile. This will be viewable by anyone watching the progress of the event.

During the race

When the race opens you can start your run! (You don’t have to complete the race in one run) When you finish your run that day, simply let us know the distance you ran via the online link and we will move your pin that distance on the progress map.

Completing the race

When you have accumulated the distance of the race you entered, you will have completed the challenge. This can be over as many runs/days as you want, as long as it’s completed before the designated cutoff point (exactly like our normal events!).  We’ll then send out your Bespoke Medal as soon as they arrive!


At anytime you can view the leaderboard on the GB Racetracker website to see how everyone is doing. The winner of the race will be the person who accumulated the required distance first!

Race Across Europe Virtual

You’ll have 12 months to track your progress across Europe

1639 Miles London – Kyiv | 1000 Miles | 500 Miles 

Simply upload your miles and watch your profile move along the course around Europe towards the city of KYIV.

1639 MILES – £49.99

1000 MILES – £29.99

500 MILES – £19.99

Start – 1st January 2024
Finish – 31st December 2024