GB Ultras Statement re Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra 2020 & Covid-19: 

I hope you and your family are all keeping well during this time.  

It is with huge regret that, despite all attempts to hold the race and our best endeavours, we have to formally cancel the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra due to be held on 10th October 2020. 

We value the support of Glasgow Council, Scottish Canals, and Edinburgh Council along with the communities and venues along the race route and, without this, future races could not be held. 

Where permissions have been declined, we must respect any concerns the relevant parties may have surrounding Covid-19 transmission, due to the current ‘r’ rate in the area, when making their decision, regardless of our Covid-19 measures and Scottish Athletics licence in place.
We hope you understand the situation we are faced with and we can assure you that we’ve tried our very best to make the race happen.
We’re hugely disappointed to be unable to provide you with the 11th Edition of this brilliant event and we truly appreciate your patience and trust whilst we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with the local communities, landowners and regional authorities involved.  Despite this sad news, we’re already looking forward to enjoying what G2E Ultra® offers us all in 2021.

Options Available

The following options are now available to you.  Please email with your choice by 9th October 2020 and we will arrange this for you.

Defer to 2021: Defer your race entry to the G2E Ultra® in 2021. The provisional date for the event is Saturday 9th October 2021. (TBC)

This is our recommended option and, by choosing this option, your place is transferred free to the new event guaranteeing your place on the start line. We hope that you choose to join us on the revised date and continue to support GB Ultras®.

Transfer to another race: Transfer your entry to any of our other GB Ultras® events scheduled for 2021 where places still remain.

We appreciate that you’ve been gearing up to race this year and may already have plans for the revised date.  In this case we’re happy to offer you the option to join us in 2021 on another of our races.  If, having looked on our website at the races we offer, you’d like to transfer your place over, just let us know your choice and we’ll organise this for you. Again, this will be done for you free of charge.

Receive a voucher: Receive a voucher equivalent to the entry fee for the 2020 event.  This voucher can be used within 3 years from the original race date and can be used towards the cost of ANY EVENT which we have on our race calendar (where the event has places still available).

Having a voucher gives you the ability to take longer to think about which race you’d like to enter and gives you more choice as we look to expand our race series in 2021 and beyond.  Your voucher will be valid until 10th October 2023 giving you a substantial amount of time to choose your next goal.In addition to the above, we’re also continuing with our existing flexibility which gives you the ability to defer your race entry (up to 8 weeks before the event) or transfer to another runner (up to 3 weeks before the event).

A further option is a partial refund of your original entry fee:

Partial refund: Partial refund of the original entry fee.  An option of a 70% refund of the entry fee paid when you registered.  We’ve been in ongoing discussions with various parties, venues, suppliers and contractors involved in holding the event and whilst some of the up-front costs we’ve incurred can be deferred, most of the suppliers and venues aren’t in the position to be able to refund to us the fees that we’ve paid to them.We’d love to see you on the revised date or at another of our events but we also appreciate that many people are experiencing real financial hardship as a result of Covid-19 and are unable to choose one of the original options.

However, before choosing this option, we’d also ask that you consider the effects that Covid-19 has had on the events industry which, ourselves included, has seen a devastating impact on many businesses.  We, like many other event organisers are trying to battle through this current situation, adapt to a changed world and come out the other end despite not being able to hold any actual events since February as well as still facing a continuing unknown picture.

We are however determined to survive and continue to bring you brilliant events in picturesque locations with the same passion and ethos we’ve had since our launch in 2015, however as we hope you appreciate, every refund makes that more difficult.

If possible, we’d really appreciate it if you could transfer your entry or accept a credit.If you would like to receive a partial refund, we just need you to email with the following by 9th October 2020.  If we don’t receive a response back then your place will be auto deferred to 2021.

Subject: G2E Ultra® refund
Details: please let us have your name and email address that you entered with.

Normally, refunds can be credited back quite quickly but in the current situation, banks are applying additional processes.  We’re sorry for this but will aim to get your refund back to you as quickly as possible and we’ll make sure that this is no later than 28 days.

In the meantime, thanks once again to everyone who’s continued to support GB Ultras during these difficult times.  It’s been great to receive such supportive messages and see the community page continue to flourish with activity whilst we’re prevented from fully enjoying the sport we love.

The last 7 events from the 12 events cancelled so far this year have been in Scotland or Wales, with heavier restrictions in place, thus sadly, while events in England seem to be getting back on their feet since the lockdown eased, GB Ultras haven’t been able to hold an event since February this year.

Despite this, we’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone take part in the Virtual Run series and raise money for charity and we’re really looking forward to bouncing back as soon as we’re allowed to and providing you with great races on the amazing routes that we have throughout the UK.

If you’ve any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at  
Stay safe, look out for others and enjoy the trails until we meet again,

GB Ultras

The last 7 events from the 12 events cancelled so far this year have been in Scotland or Wales, with heavier restrictions in place, thus sadly, while events in England seem to be getting back on their feet since the lockdown eased, GB Ultras haven’t been able to hold an event since February this year.

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