Manchester to Liverpool Ultra 2019 – Review

April brings the beginning of spring.  The birds singing, lighter mornings and the evenings steadily getting longer before darkness sets in.  However, be warned, that doesn’t mean the weather is going to be nice to you as some of you may have a found out in 2018 on the Liverpool to Manchester Ultra where #GBUltras […]

‘My Pennine Barrier Journey’ by Lainey Jones

The Pennine Barrier starts it’s journey in the little village of Malham. Malham may well be renowned for its beauty but much more practically it has a pub, a campsite and a little tiny bridge lit up with fairy lights! Aside from the practicalities it’s a beautifully idyllic place which hosts one of the most […]

“Say Hello to my Little Friend”

An Introduction To The Foam Roller – by Emma Marks Have you ever asked yourself what Foam rolling is all about, and why people would choose to do something that just looks painful? Maybe you figure you’ve been ok so far so, why bother?? Continue to read this blog and you’ll be rushing out to […]