Meet The Team

GB Ultras events & our race day events team are organised and positioned by our experienced team of Race Directors. GB Ultras 50 Mile, 100 Mile & The 215 Mile ‘Race Across Scotland’ can have upward of 80-120 event team members briefed & in place during the event with multiple checkpoint managers & mountain response teams helping to ensure a high level of support, event safety & responsiveness throughout each mountain ultramarathon. GB Ultras events also benefit from live participant tracking from GB Race Tracker (except Hope Trail Festival)!

We are extremely grateful to all members of the team for helping to make the event possible & for looking after each and every runner on their ultra-running journey.

Wayne Drinkwater

Race Director

Laura Yates

Assistant Race Director

Ian Yates

Assistant Race Director

At GB Ultras, we offer a unique platform of stunning supported ultra-marathon events along some of the most beautiful trails in Britain, yet you’ll be pleased to know our principle focus has never changed, we focus on supporting the runner as much as we can, regardless of whether the runner is new to ultra-running or already very experienced in the sport.

We also do our very best to welcome the runner to the GB ULTRAS Race Series via our online GB Ultras Community where each runner is the source of inspiration for one another.

Our ambition at GB Ultras is to create a remarkable set of events built for the ultra runner with the build up throughout race season culminating in the 215 mile Race Across Scotland®!

2024 sees the addition of Ultra England® to the Race Series!